Our mission is to attract not only those with the greatest talent, both grassroots and returned overseas students, to pursue entrepreneurship, but to encourage an ethical approach to startups that emphasize integrity above all.


ZhenFund is a Beijing-based seed fund founded by New Oriental co-founders Bob Xu and Victor Wang. ZhenFund was established in 2011 in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China, with the aim of promoting innovation among youth in China. After empowering Chinese students to study abroad, Bob and Victor are now dedicated to helping returnees pursue entrepreneurship in China.

At ZhenFund, we believe that a truly great business starts with an exceptional founder. We are dedicated to helping our entrepreneurs build successful companies by providing them with mentorship and the best resources available.

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Sillicon Valley

Sillicon Valley

Year of 2011

ZhenFund was founded in May 2011 by Bob Xu and Victor Wang with the head office located in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and Silicon Valley

5 Partners

5 partners are leading the investment team of 19 experts and portfolio services team of 24 elites

10 Unicorns

10 companies with valuation of more than 1 billion USD since Dec 2011



Entrepreneur friendly culture, becoming the “entrepreneur’s first step”

Founders & The Team

We believe that the sector and themes change frequently, and it is the founders that make the biggest difference to the ultimate success of a company

Portfolio Services Team

Our professional portfolio services team guarantees the safe journey of our portfolio companies towards success

1 Page TS + 2 Pages SPA

A breakthrough investment decision- making process and terms that are simple and efficient

Vast Coverage of Deal Channels

Supreme deal flow with over 300 BPs submissions per day and top channels to source outstanding entrepreneurs



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Unicorn Companies

US Portfolio


7 Partners are leading the investment team of 19 experts and a portfolio services team of 24 professionals

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