Empower Innovators

Established in 2011, ZhenFund is a leading angel investment firm in China. We are dedicated to empowering innovative and aspiring entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams. We have invested in numerous startups across a range of industries, partnering with founders from zero to one. Currently, ZhenFund has a network of over 800 portfolio companies, and has 12 billion yuan in assets under management. 

We believe that great businesses start with exceptional founding teams. We are dedicated to helping our entrepreneurs build successful companies by providing them with mentorship and the best resources available. Some of our services include biannual demo days to top Chinese VCs, ZhenHR services, marketing and PR consulting, as well as fundraising. Our strong and large CEO network also facilitates entrepreneurs helping each other, especially via our WeChat platform. 

ZhenFund has been ranked as the “#1 Early-Stage Investment Firm” for six years. Bob Xiaoping Xu, Founder of ZhenFund, has been named on the Midas List since 2016 and ranked #11 in 2019. Anna Fang, Founding Partner and CEO of ZhenFund, has been named on the Midas List since 2019 and made her 4th appearance as #12, and #1 on Midas Seed List in 2022.