Anna Fang

Anna Fang is Founding Partner & CEO of ZhenFund, an early stage venture capital firm in China that invests in consumer, internet and technology companies. Anna led ZhenFund’s investments in unicorns, such as RED (XiaoHongShu), Yitu, Horizon Robotics, Advance.ai, among which Yatsen (NYSE:YSG) and DeepGlint (688207) were successfully listed.

She debuted on the Forbes “Midas List” in 2019 and was most recently ranked No. 12 in the publication’s list of “Top Tech Investors”, also topping the Forbes Midas Seed List 2022. 

After graduating from Columbia University, Anna joined JPMorgan’s Consumer Healthcare and Retail group as an investment banker. She received an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and joined GE China’s Corporate Business Development team before starting ZhenFund in 2011.

Email: anna@zhenfund.com


Dan Zhu

Dan Zhu is the CEO Assistant and Admin Director of ZhenFund. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Dan was the Senior Secretary of the Partner of Strategy& in Great China. 

Dandan received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of International Business and Economics and obtained a Master’s degree from Middlesex University.


Fang Dong

Fang Dong is the Board Secretary of ZhenFund, providing daily support to board directors and coordinating administrative activities. As one of the founding members of the firm, Fang has participated in and has witnessed the development and achievement of ZhenFund.

Fang graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2007.

Managing Director

Fangzhou Yao

Fangzhou Yao is a Managing Director of ZhenFund who has led investments in MetaX, Chu Xin, X-EPIC, WeView, Akrostar, etc. 

Fangzhou received his Bachelor's degree with a double major in Law and Economics from Peking University. 

Email: fangzhou@zhenfund.com


Guantong Liu

Samantha is the Assistant Controller of ZhenFund. 

She started her career in PwC, where she mainly provided services to financial institutions and was also engaged in integrated audit, M&A, and IPO services for clients in various industries including airline, shipbuilding, express and logistics, pharmaceuticals, education, real estate, renewable energy, and automobile, etc.


Jingyi Liu

Jingyi Liu is the Investment Operation Director of ZhenFund.

Jingyi received her BA in Economics from University of Cambridge, MSc in Economics from University College London, and MS in Journalism from Columbia University.


Junya Huang

Junya Huang is an Associate of ZhenFund who has led investments in Yanketang and Yuanqi.

Prior to joining ZhenFund, Junya was a senior associate at Blue Elephant Capital. She received her Bachelor’s degree from University of International Business and Economics.

Email: biu@zhenfund.com


Le Yin

Le Yin is a Partner of ZhenFund. She has led investments in Aibee, Hesai, Chaitin Tech, Zaihui, SYNYI AI, AutoX, Flexiv Robotics, BlackLake, ImageDT, and Adaps Phototonics. 

Le received her Bachelor's degree with a double major in Accounting and Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University and obtained a Master's degree in East Asian Studies from Stanford University.

Email: emma@zhenfund.com


Lulu Sun

Lulu Sun is a Vice President of ZhenFund who has led investments in Fuliaoyi, Laoqin, Airburg, etc.

Prior to joining ZhenFund, Lulu was an Associate Consultant in BCG Beijing. 

Lulu received her BSc in Applied Mathematics from Peking University. She once won the Shing-Tung Yau Mathematics Award. 

Email: lulu.sun@zhenfund.com 


Miao Zhao

Miao Zhao is the HR Director of ZhenFund.

Prior to ZhenFund, Miao worked in Hillhouse Capital in charge of recruiting and talent management projects. Before Hillhouse, she rotated through several strategic business units in China Resources Group.

Miao received a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Management degree in Human Resources from Renmin University of China.


Minmin Pang

Minmin Pang is a Senior Manager at ZhenFund, mainly responsible for Ostrich Club Branding and Operation.

Before ZhenFund, minmin has financial PR and branding relevant working experience.

Minmin received her Bachelor's degree from Zhejiang Gongshang University, and Master's Degree from KEDGE Business School.


Nina Cai

Nina Cai is an Associate of ZhenFund who has led investments in Byte Flow and QIN’s entertainment.

Prior to joining ZhenFund, Nina was a business analyst at Tencent Platform&Content Group. Nina received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Renmin University of China.

Email: nina@zhenfund.com


Qiang Wang

Victor Qiang Wang is the co-founder of ZhenFund and leads portfolio management for ZhenFund companies. Victor also leads and oversees the Ostrich Club, a collaboration between ZhenFund and Sequoia Capital China. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Victor was a co-founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), the largest provider of private education in China. Before starting New Oriental, Victor also worked as a Software Engineer in Bell Communications Research. In addition to being a respected entrepreneur, he is also a famous collector and lover of rare books. Victor is also a well-known humanities scholar, who has published two books of essays — Reading Reconstructs Me, and A Bookworm’s Summer in Oxford.

Victor is now a council member of the Centre for China & Globalization (CCG), a leading Chinese independent think tank based in Beijing. He is also the director of the 2005 Committee and a donor for the Future Science Prize.

In 2015, Victor Wang was honored with a foundation fellow from the Harris Manchester College of Oxford University. Victor received his graduate degree in computer Science from the State University of New York and his undergraduate degree from Peking University.


Rui Gong

Rui Gong is the COO and General Counsel of ZhenFund.

Prior to ZhenFund, Rui took a leading part in establishing the legal team of Sequoia Capital China. Prior to Sequoia, Rui worked in Junhe Law Offices specializing in foreign investment, merger, acquisition, etc. 

Rui is a member of the PRC Bar and received his LL.B. from Peking University, and his LL.M. from Columbia University.


Tianjie Zhong

Tianjie Zhong is a Principal of Zhenfund who focuses on technology, AI, and SaaS sectors. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Tianjie was a product manager at Xiaohongshu.

Tianjie received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Tongji University and his Master's degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University.

Email: tianjie@zhenfund.com


Tianyi Qin

Tianyi Qin is a Principal of ZhenFund who has led investments in OPay, ECCANG, Hesung Innovation, QBIT, HABBY, etc. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Tianyi was a product manager at Tencent Mobile Internet Group.  

Tianyi received his bachelor's degree in Digital Media Art from Fuzhou University.

Email: tianyi@zhenfund.com


Wei Kuang

Wei Kuang is a Principal of ZhenFund, having led the investments in Bosie, Guanzhan, Duobaoyu Insurance, Jojoreading, Deshang, etc. 

Wei received her Master’s degree from Georgetown University.

Email: tina@zhenfund.com


Weiqi Wang

Weiqi Wang is a Senior Compliance Manager of ZhenFund.

Prior to ZhenFund, Weiqi worked as a supervisor at a large-scale intellectual property group's Beijing branch office.

Weiqi received her Master's degree in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law from the Central University of Nationalities.


Xiaoping Xu

Longtime angel investor Bob Xiaoping Xu is the founding partner of ZhenFund. As a pioneer of angel investing in China, Bob Xu and ZhenFund team have made 12 investments that went public, with another 17 that have grown into billion-dollar businesses. The notable investments by Bob Xu and his team include Meicai, Jumei, LightintheBox, Jiayuan, Yidao, Zhaogang, URwork, 17zuoye, Perfect Diary, Red (XiaoHongShu), Yitu, Deep Glint, Ehang, Tiger Securities, Mobvoi, Furong Xingsheng, Hero Entertainment, Luogic Knowledge Group, ShuidiHuzhu, Mia, Momenta, VIPKID, and Nice.

Bob Xu serves as the chairman of China Club for Top Angel Investors, honorary chairman of China Youth Angel Association, and chairman of China Early-Stage Investment Association organized by AMAC (Asset Management Association of China). He has been awarded top angel investors of the year by various organizations including Zero2IPO Group, Financial Times China and Sina. Under his leadership, ZhenFund has been ranked No.1 in China's top early-stage firms of the year for 5 consecutive years by Zero2IPO Group-China VC/PE Annual Ranking, the industry’s standard ranking system in China. Forbes Magazine also selected him into Midas List, as one of the world's top 100 investors of the year for five consecutive years since 2016; he was ranked #24 in 2020.

Prior to founding ZhenFund, Bob Xu co-founded China's largest private English training and test preparation group, New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), along with Michael Yu and Victor Wang. Their startup story was featured in the Chinese movie "American Dreams in China," the top 10 box office hit in China for 2013.

Bob Xu received his Bachelor’s degree from the China Central Conservatory of Music and obtained a master's degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He received an honorary Ph.D. degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017.


Xiaoyi Zhao

Xiaoyi Zhao is an Assistant General Counsel of ZhenFund. 

Before joining ZhenFund, Xiaoyi worked as a lawyer at Hogan Lovells International LLP and Jingtian & Gongcheng Law Firm. 

Xiaoyi is a member of the PRC Bar and the New York State Bar. Xiaoyi received her LL.B. from China University of Political Science and Law, and her LL.M. from Peking University and New York University.


Xuecheng Cao

Xuecheng Cao is the Chief Finance Officer of ZhenFund. 

Before joining ZhenFund, Xuecheng worked in PwC and KPMG for 10 years, providing tax and financial advisory services for domestic and overseas companies in various fields, including investment and financing, business operation, transaction mode, merging and acquisition, etc.

Xuecheng is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Tax Agent and received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Renmin University of China. 


Yazhe Zhang

Yazhe Zhang is a Board, Partner and the President of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Culture. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Yazhe had long been in charge of public affairs, branding, media, and marketing of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, the largest provider of private education in China. He was also the Executive Dean of New-Oriental Research Academy.

Yazhe is now the Secretary-General of the 2005 Western Returned Scholars Association.


Yiner Pan

Yiner Pan is a Senior Financial Manager of ZhenFund.

Before joining ZhenFund, Yiner worked for KPMG China, mainly providing tax and financial advisory services for domestic and overseas companies in the financial industry.

Yiner received her Master's degree from Zhejiang University. She is a member of both the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA) and the China Certified Tax Agents Association.


Yishan Cheng

Yishan is the IR Principal at ZhenFund, focusing on raising capital, developing and maintaining relations with investors. Prior to ZhenFund, Yishan was a Business Development Executive at Web Summit.

Yishan received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from China Youth University for Political Sciences, and her Master’s degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin.


Yuan Liu

Yuan Liu is a Partner at ZhenFund, having led investments in Momenta, CastBox, Plantag, Xinshixiang, RamenTalk, Snowplus, Moti and other companies. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Yuan worked at Greenspring Associates and was responsible for fund investments and late-stage direct investments worldwide. Yuan also serves as a member of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra Board of Trustees. 

Yuan received his Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Washington and Lee University. 

Email: yuan@zhenfund.com


Yusen Dai

Yusen is the Managing Partner of ZhenFund. He led investments in Party Animals, Somo, Orienspace, Xiaodaka, and more.

Before joining ZhenFund, Yusen dropped out of Stanford in 2009 and cofounded Jumei (NYSE: JMEI), the leading Chinese cosmetics e-commerce retailer and one of the largest Chinese e-commerce companies. Yusen oversaw Jumei's product design and development, operation management, online marketing, and management in several categories. Yusen was also one of the youngest cofounders to list their companies on NYSE.

Yusen attended Stanford University Management of Science & Engineering and received his Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Email: yusen@zhenfund.com


Zhaoyu Zheng

Zhaoyu Zheng is a venture partner at ZhenFund, where he has invested in and managed companies such as Meicai, EasyFlower, 51talk, Zhaogang, Locals, and more. 

Prior to joining ZhenFund, Zhaoyu was the Vice President of the Education International Corporation, one of China’s leading providers in overseas study. He also served as the Principal of the Taiyuan New Oriental School. Zhaoyu was named one of the 40 Under 40 Investors by China’s Entrepreneur Magazine in 2015.

Zhaoyu received a Master’s Degree in Management from Peking University.


Zimu Pei

Zimu Pei is an Assistant Director at ZhenFund, focusing on the expansion and maintenance of brand and channel partnerships.

Prior to ZhenFund, Zimu was the executive assistant to the secretary-general and senior product manager at Future Forum.

Zimu received her Bachelor's degree from the Sichuan International Studies University and her Master's degree from The Autonomous University of Barcelona.