Bob Xiaoping Xu

Bob Xiaoping Xu was born and raised in Taixing, Jiangsu, China where his biggest dream “was to be able to read Ernest Hemingway's ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ and listen to Beethoven's “Symphony No. 5” whenever I liked.” For him, these classic masterpieces brought “soul-stirring moments…shooting stars across the night sky.” 

After attending the Central Conservatory of Music, Bob became a youth league teacher at Peking University where he met two people, Victor Wang and Minhong Yu, who not only became important in his life but later served as inspiration for “American Dreams in China.” 

Before joining Minhong Yu's New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Bob and his family spent time working and studying in Canada with the hope of returning to China to start a business. When he came up empty-handed, he understood the pain of an aspiring entrepreneur unable to find direction. Later, when New Oriental went public and former students came to him seeking funds for their entrepreneurial dreams, he again felt the sense of a shooting star inspiring him forward and realized that supporting outstanding talents in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey would be the mission of the second half of his life. 

In 2011, Bob founded ZhenFund with Victor Wang and Anna Fang. From the first day, ZhenFund aspired to be the most founder-friendly and professional early-stage fund in angel investment, accompanying hundreds of entrepreneurial teams on their journey of growth. With his genuine love for talent, dreams and the hard-working spirit that drives them, Bob continues to believe in the future and ZhenFund's role as a stepping stone for excellent entrepreneurs.


Victor Qiang Wang

ZhenFund co-founder Victor Wang claims that studying English Linguistics at Peking University gave him a gateway to a world of imagination and creativity. Later, his research training in Computer Science at New York State University taught him logic. Ultimately, he discovered a path that achieved harmony between these two ways of looking at the world. 

Before founding ZhenFund, Victor and Bob co-founded New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (not to be confused with the New East, a provider of cuisine education in China). 

In addition to investing, Victor loves to indulge in his passion for collecting rare English books, finding each book a portal to a different world waiting to be explored and discovered. 

“Zhenfund is a night sky,” Victor says. “The bright stars are the young entrepreneurs who use their courage, passion, perseverance, insight and hard work to create a constellation of creative energy, which I admire so much.” He encourages these determined young entrepreneurs to transform themselves from passive observers of the world to active participants. “If you want to change the world through your own entrepreneurial activities,” Victor observes, “then ZhenFund is the perfect partner to help you achieve your goals.You never know if you don't try.”


Anna Fang

Anna Fang says she had the immense pleasure of founding ZhenFund with Bob and Victor in 2011 after her studies at Columbia College and Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Over the past 12 years, Anna has remained passionate about meeting entrepreneurs who imagine the world differently and have a bold dream for the future, whether it be in technology, consumer goods or healthcare. “I have been fortunate to write the first checks for exceptional founders,” she says, “and I continue to search for those who challenge the status quo.” 

Among Anna's seed investments are: RED (XiaoHongShu), Yatsen Group (YSG Perfect Diary) and so on.


In 2022, Anna was recognized as the #12 Global Venture Capital investor (and #1 female) on Forbes Magazine's Midas List. That same year, she was named #1 on Forbes’ inaugural Early Seed Investors' List. “I view this as recognition of the entire team's angel investing philosophy,” she says, “and of the excellent accomplishments of our many founders.” 

If you would like to connect with Anna about your vision, she invites you to contact her at anna@zhenfund.com. “Or,” she suggests, “maybe we'll bump into each other on a morning run in Beijing, at a Space Cycle Dance Party class, or during school drop-off.”


Yusen Dai

At the age of 22, Yusen Dai dropped out of Stanford to return to China and start a business with Leo Chen. Too late, he realized that their business model was not reliable and, as a result, they were rejected mercilessly by many well-known venture capitalists. “Only Bob Xu believed we were a reliable and passionate team,” he says. “He gave us a $200,000 angel investment.” 

Although six months later, their first project did, indeed, fail, with only 300,000 RMB left, they created an e-commerce website called Jumei. Four years later, their annual revenue had grown to 10 billion RMB. When they went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014, Jumei had a market capitalization of $4 billion USD but after going public, the market value dropped by 90%. All along, Yusen has considered Bob and ZhenFund his mentor and family, so in 2017 he joined ZhenFund, moving from entrepreneur to investor. 

“You and I can perhaps find many similarities,” he says, “the courage to embrace technological innovation and the tremendous opportunities brought by the times; the unwillingness to be employees; the desire to control our own destiny; and the willingness to work day and night and take risks.” Yusen feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to build a publicly-traded company from scratch in his early 20s. He believes his many ups and downs can prevent others from making his earlier mistakes. “I hope to identify the greatest variables of our time and help young people create the most amazing companies under these variables,” he says, noting that “changing the future often relies on technology.” 

Yusen mainly focuses on innovative opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence recently and have invested in ambitious founders such as Huiwen Wang and Zhilin Yang. Previously, he has also invested in startups in different sectors, such as ToSummer, Animal Party, OrienSpace, and Huixi.

Describing his ideal life, Yusen summarizes it as spending his spare time “reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles, and meeting countless people.”


Emma Yin

Emma Yin was born and raised in Changsha, the land of spicy food. After attending Yali High School for one year, she decided to study abroad, completing her undergraduate studies in accounting, economics and mathematics at Illinois Wesleyan University before earning a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies at Stanford University. In Silicon Valley, Emma experienced “an immensely vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere, surrounded by brilliant STEM students.” This began her ongoing passion for cutting-edge technology. 

In 2014, she joined ZhenFund as an intern and upon her return to China in 2015, officially became an analyst. After seven years with ZhenFund, Emma became the youngest partner in the history of the firm and the only member to have held every position within the organization. As an angel investor, Emma has been involved with the rapid growth of such outstanding companies as HESAI Technology, Flexiv, YOUIBOT, Aibee, Synyi.ai, AutoX, BlackLake, Luchen Tech, Adaps Photonics, Chaitin Tech and so on. 

“Behind my rational judgments, my connection with these exceptional entrepreneurs stems from empathy and love,” says Emma. “I firmly believe that embarking on entrepreneurship is a courageous decision in itself. Entrepreneurship is a solitary practice, and I am willing to be a supporter, listener and companion behind the entrepreneurs, walking with them so that we can grow together.”


Yuan Liu

Born in Wuhan, China, Yuan Liu spent his college years at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, majoring in accounting (a subject he admits doesn’t sound particularly cool). 

Before joining ZhenFund, he worked in both venture capital and direct investments at Greenspring Associates, a venture capital fund based in Maryland. He joined ZhenFund after returning to China in 2014. His work has covered a wide range of industries: deep tech companies like Momenta and CreditX, consumer companies like LaMianShuo and Amiro, content companies like XinShiXiang and KnowYourself, cross-border companies like Castbox and Monica.im, and biotech companies like Haosi Biotech and WeiMingShiGuang. 

“I am excited to meet talented entrepreneurs,” Yuan says. “With almost all of the companies I mentioned, I expressed a strong desire to invest upon the first meeting.” What impresses Yuan most about the entrepreneurs he's met is their passion, perseverance and ability to execute. Some of her friends tease him for his “young bohemian” interest in movies. His favorite directors are Sorentino and Werner Herzog.


Fangzhou Yao

Fangzhou Yao was born in Wenzhou, raised in Shanghai, and completed his undergraduate studies at Peking University. “I am extremely interested in human nature and game theory,” he says, noting that before joining ZhenFund he had planned to become a professional Texas Hold’Em player. 

Fangzhou says his lack of personal entrepreneurial experience means his focus is on being has led him a reliable investor whom founders can trust. “I love deep interactions and experiences I’ve had with founders who share common interests,” he says. 

Fangzhou's primary interest has been in cutting-edge technology fields, including investments in MetaX, Weview, X-Epic, Chuxin, Yahaha, AI Rudder and Upower. A passionate sports fan, Fangzhou's future dreams include traveling the world, playing poker and building a football club. 


Tianyi Qin

Tianyi Qin was born in Zhengzhou, Henan. He is adventurous, strongly adherent to the concept of "think different," and fond of exploring uncharted territories.

After graduating in 2016, Tianyi first worked as a product manager at Tencent, creating innovative products for three-million global users. Two years later, he joined ZhenFund and embarked on a new adventure which has included an average of 100 flights per year from his hometown of Shenzhen. Although he admits to sometimes waking up and not being sure what city he’s in, he feels that seeing real-life details and personally meeting entrepreneurs to hear the voices of those behind the business plans has been essential in making investment decisions. 

Primarily focusing on cutting-edge technology and international expansion, these investments have included: OPay, Habby, Qbit, Dreo, ECCANG, Threat Hunter, and DwarfLab. Tianyi calls himself a “super user” and “super salesperson” for all of their impressive products. “I enjoy learning from and exchanging ideas with entrepreneurs who think differently and avoid blindly following trends,” says Tianyi. “Being able to participate in their great adventures fills me with genuine pride and happiness.” 

Both in business and leisure, Tianyi likes to push boundaries that demonstrate his strong determination. He has cycled thousands of kilometers, has trekked in Nepal and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and finds meaning in both rock music and meditation.


Tianjie Zhong

Tianjie Zhong grew up in Shanghai and after graduating with a computer science degree, worked as a product manager at RED (XiaoHongShu) where he witnessed how a product could be transformed from a simple idea into a vibrant, diverse ecosystem. In late 2018, he joined ZhenFund with the idea of assisting more companies in their journey from obscurity to greatness. 

Tianjie has observed that in the early stages of innovation, breakthroughs in technology are often so subtle they go virtually unnoticed, yet often they result in fundamental changes in niche areas. Primarily focusing on cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and enterprise services, his investments have included: TideSwing, CoEvolution Technology, Tidetron, Mogic, and Mango Power. While these companies adhere to what Tianjie calls, “seemingly simple and inconspicuous ideas,” all have created value for their users and markets. “I enjoy engaging with teams that have independent thinking, a unique understanding of users and scenarios, and insightful perspectives,” says Tianjie. “I look forward to further exploring the intersection of technology, product and business, working with founders who have unwavering beliefs.”

In Tianjie's free time, he takes care of three cats, which "have taught me about love and responsibility." You can find more information about Tianjie here.


Tina Kuang

Originally from Chengdu, Tina has both Bachelor's and Master's degrees, having studied at Georgetown University, the University of Richmond, the University of Hong Kong and the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

For the past seven years at ZhenFund, she has invested and worked with many exciting start-ups, helping them with everything from recruiting to brainstorming new ideas. These have included China's leading kids' learning platform, Jojo Learning; AI material discovery platform, DeepVerse; AI-powered insurance platform, Duobaoyu Insurance; cross-border payment platform, EasyTransfer; electrochemistry company, PeroPure; and consumer brands, Bosie and GuanZhan. 

A torchbearer for the Beijing Olympics, Tina enjoys yoga and swimming as well as reading, especially autobiographies. “I love meeting the next generation of ambitious, audacious, innovative and mission-driven founders,” she says.


Debbie Wang

Debbie Wang completed both undergraduate and graduate studies at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management. During that time she joined ZhenFund as an intern and has been working here ever since. Early-stage investment has become a passion and she appreciates being part of the process to help start-ups move from problem-solving to continuous growth, and especially enjoys the process of open communication with entrepreneurs. 

With a focus on technology sectors, including semiconductors, renewable energy and artificial intelligence, she has invested in several companies founded by Tsinghua alumni. 

“I look forward to collaborating with teams that have a deep and steadfast technical foundation,” Debbie says, “and to becoming sincere, long-term partners who can witness the changes that technological innovation brings to society.”


Monica Xie

Monica calls her journey as an investor “quite atypical.” Starting as an auditor in Silicon Valley, she discovered different possibilities when she became the fourth employee of an AI start-up that sold immature computer vision technology to traditional retail giants in Europe and the United States. Responsible for doing everything from signing contracts to installing cameras, Monica was an eyewitness to how a start-up experiences the highs and lows of riding the wave while still concentrating on the essence of its business. 

After working for Amazon Web Services’ AI team which was responsible for commercialization in the North American market, in 2021 she returned to China to sit on the other side of the table as an early-stage investor in such start-ups as Bytebase, API7 and Logseq. 

“My life has seen many ‘starting from scratch’ moments, says Monica, “so I admire entrepreneurs who are fearless, look up at the stars and yet stay grounded.” 

Monica documents her thoughts on technology, entrepreneurship and investing on her WeChat official account (Miss M's Study Notes) where she savors the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals passionate about technology. She also hosts a podcast called OnBoard! and organizes both online and offline exchanges, facilitating encounters between interesting souls to enable each other’s success.


Yu Li

Yu is from Jiangsu and studied Material Science at Tsinghua University. Currently, his primary focus is on technology-related investments, including new materials, renewable energy and information technology.

While he enjoys logical dialectics, he also has a fondness for poetry and literary works, noting that, “I not only appreciate cutting-edge technology, but also have an appreciation for the beauty of life, a somewhat unique blend of the romantic combined with the mindset of a STEM enthusiast.” 

Before joining ZhenFund, Yu worked at SZVC where he honed his expertise in specific industries, focusing on angel investments. He looks forward to meeting and getting to know and grow together with fellow entrepreneurs.


Mario Chen

Hi, I'm Mario, Chen Miannuo. I was born in Anhui, China. I hope to talk to you, ranging from cutting-edge technology to the study of the mind, from entrepreneurial passion to travel and reading.

I joined ZhenFund in 2023, focusing on early-stage investments in frontier technology fields such as robotics, AI, intelligent hardware, and semiconductors.

During my postgraduate studies at Xi'an Jiaotong University, I co-founded a robotics company from scratch. I experienced the entire process of entrepreneurship, from technology and product development to financing and management. Throughout the journey, I felt the excitement of product realization, as well as the harsh reality of market competition. Therefore, I have great respect for every courageous entrepreneur.

In early 2022, I spent a year and a half at MiraclePlus founded by Dr.Qi Lu, systematically exploring the innovation and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies. I also stayed at the forefront of the wave of LLM and robotics, witnessing firsthand how technological innovation can impact the whole world.

I appreciate a quote from 'OnePiece': "People's dreams will never end." In this marathon of entrepreneurship, dreams can forge inner strength, and our finite lives can give birth to infinite possibilities.

I warmly embrace every friend with sincerity, openness, and inclusiveness. I look forward to soul resonance and the collision of new ideas. Hope to provide assistance and support for you. Let's foster mutual growth and share success as we embark on this journey together.


Zhiliang He

Ray was born and bred in Wenzhou, where innovation and entrepreneurship are greatly encouraged. He interned at ZhenFund through the 14th Zhenintern Program in early 2022.

Afterwards, Ray joined a ZhenFund portfolio company as one of the founding members. During the period, he witnessed the transformation of a lab prototype into a market-ready product. In mid-2023, he returned as an Investment Manager, focusing on tech-driven sectors.

Ray earned his Master's degree in Finance from Tsinghua University and his BE from Tongji University where he majored in Civil Engineering. Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball and talking about the NBA (especially LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers).


Haonan Yu

Haonan is from Qingdao and currently live in Shanghai. He obtained his Bachelor and Master degree from Fudan University. 

He is full of interest in all innovations that can improve mobility efficiency and mobile experience of all things, and hopes that human mobility can be more convenient and enjoyable, and that the operation of machines (Robot) can better serve society. He likes to look for and wait for entrepreneurial teams at the intersection of technological innovation and humanistic care, and believes that the combination of rationality of science and technology and the warmth of humanities can make products better to users and create value for users.

If you'd like to talk to him about your ambitions and passions, feel free to contact him at naan@zhenfund.com. Perhaps you also have the opportunity to influence and change the world, and he will be the first person to stand by your side, listening and fighting alongside you.


Galahad Mai

Good morning! I'm Galahad Mai, and I'd like to share a bit about my journey with you. My roots trace back to Guangzhou, China, but my family and I later embarked on a new adventure that led us to the vibrant city of San Francisco. My academic path took me to Stanford University, where I honed my skills and knowledge. During my time at Stanford, I had the privilege of interning at Zhenfund, an experience that would shape my career trajectory as I later returned for a full-time role in investment.

My passion lies in exploring groundbreaking technologies that have the potential to reshape how we produce goods and services, transform the way we live and work, and even probe the depths of our very existence. I'm a firm advocate for the realms of Web3 and blockchain, and my optimism in these areas remains unwavering. i.e. still bullish

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is undoubtedly a daunting task, but I firmly believe that greatness emerges when brilliant minds unite. I look forward to collaborating with a team that is deeply vested in technology, embraces a long-term vision, and exhibits unwavering determination.

While my home base is typically in Shenzhen, China, you will probably see me elsewhere in the world. I'm proficient in Japanese, and In my leisure time, you'll often find me indulging in ACG, diving into captivating visual novels, or showcasing my moves on the dance floor with DDR. I wholeheartedly invite you to join me for a relaxing tea, share recommendations for enriching books, or simply take a stroll and engage in a meaningful conversation together!


Jingyi Liu

I am Liu Jingyi. I grew up in Hunan and went to the UK to study in high school. I studied economics at the University of Cambridge for my undergraduate degree. I studied Economics at University College London for my first master degree. Economics taught me to explore the laws of economic development through some tools and methods, and journalism inspired me to discover the unique experience of each character. At work, my colleagues in the investment operation team and I are also trying to understand and find entrepreneurs in this era through analysis and practice on macro and micro measurements.

As a mother of a two-year-old child, I often think about how the world he will live in will be different from mine, how technology will change the way he lives and works, and what role my field will play in it .

For the world we believe in.


Bonnie Yu

Hi, I'm YU Bangning, or Bonnie for short. I studied Data Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University. Journalism has sharpened my information-capturing skills, and my minor in computer science has fueled my love for logical thinking and pattern exploration. I enjoy unraveling valuable insights from extensive datasets. Creating order out of chaos has brought me so much joy.

As an investment operation manager, I facilitate the investment team progress through streamlining operations and conducting data analysis. Believing in the pursuit of truth for the greater good, I'm drawn to the courage and conviction of entrepreneurs. The genuine and sincere style of ZhenFund has always inspired me, and I'm honored to have started my first job here after graduating. 

Outside of work, I'm passionate about hiking. Nature has imparted profound life lessons, teaching me resilience and vitality, much like the strength of a tree. I view life as an adventure, much like a mountain climb.  Feel free to reach out for a chat – perhaps we can journey together.


Zhaoyu Zheng

Zhaoyu Zheng is a venture partner at ZhenFund where he has invested in and managed such companies as Meicai, Zhaogang.com, EasyFlower, 51talk, and Locals. 

Prior to joining ZhenFund, Zhaoyu was vice president of the Education International Corporation, one of China's leading providers in overseas study, and also served as principal of the Taiyuan New Oriental School. In 2015, China's Entrepreneur Magazine named Zhaoyu one of the "40 Under 40” investors. 

Zhaoyu received a Master's Degree in Management from Peking University.



Xuecheng Cao

I am Cao Xuecheng. After graduating from the School of Finance at Renmin University of China, I worked at PwC and KPMG in China and overseas for a decade. I provided financial, tax, and business consulting services regarding investment financing, business operations, M&A restructuring, among other areas for enterprises across various industries. I obtained the qualifications of CICPA and CTA during this period. Then, in 2016, I was fortunate enough to join ZhenFund, entering an industry filled with passion and dreams, creativity, and striving.

'Gentlemen seek harmony but not conformity.' Whether it's the members of the ZhenFund team who have independent views and distinctive characteristics, or the companies invested by ZhenFund across various industries with different business operations and development directions, we all believe in their unique value. We are all growing together, exploring the possibilities of the future.

I am full of curiosity about life, and I enjoy trying out different hobbies in my spare time. I look forward to exploring the richness and diversity of this world with you all.


Yishan Cheng

Hello, I'm Cheng Yishan from Fuzhou, Fujian. My education and work in Dublin, Ireland sparked a passion for my career.  I had the privilege of inviting notable figures and industry leaders, including the Queen of Jordan and Elon Musk, to international events. This firsthand exposure to the collision of world-class ideas also introduced me to the venture capital industry.

A comment from Xu Xiaoping in 2014 led me to ZhenFund, where I've been absorbed in the venture capital fervor ever since.

I now oversee fund-raising and investor relations at ZhenFund, with a commitment to long-term and value investing. We're on a shared journey with our investor partners, always open to more companions on this path.

For fund-raising queries, please contact: ir@zhenfund.com


Guantong Liu

Hi! I am Liu Guantong, and I joined ZhenFund in 2015. Prior to joining ZhenFund, I worked at PwC Financial Services team, and was also involved in auditing, M&A, and IPO work of companies in various industries including new energy, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistics, aviation, shipbuilding, and real estate.

Years of experience in the finance industry constructed me a comprehensive knowledge system for the industry and developed me a growth mindset. I am now someone who uses innovative thinking to tackle the roots of problems. I consider myself to be lucky to join the wonderful ZhenFund family, and I am dedicated to using my professional knowledge and experience to support portfolio companies. I also look forward to the journey of growing stronger and wiser together with portfolio companies.

I enjoy embracing differences in life, and I enjoy my time at ZhenFund. Most importantly, I hope to contribute to making a difference here at ZhenFund!



Rui Gong

My name is Gong Rui. I joined Junhe after graduating from Peking University Law School in 2001. In 2010, I joined Sequoia Capital and entered the venture capital industry. Since then, I have been engaged in legal, compliance, and fund operation-related work at Sequoia Capital and ZhenFund.

People who have been engaged in legal work for a long time usually have a low risk appetite, but my experience in the venture capital industry has also made me realize that the combination of high odds and low winning rates can also generate good returns. I believe the future belongs to cautious optimists, and our job is to find that balance. In order to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs, our team has simplified many protective clauses required by traditional financial investors, and will also give feedback to entrepreneurs as soon as possible. You can always believe that ZhenFund is the most entrepreneur-friendly investor in the market.


De Li

Dr. Li De, with a PhD in Literature, currently serves as a Board at ZhenFund, responsible for post-investment management. He has been heavily involved in brand building and IPO issuance related work for invested companies such as Jumei Youpin and 17Zuoye.

Before joining ZhenFund, he was a long-term senior financial journalist and producer for China Central Television, responsible for business and economic news reporting for major programs such as 'Xinwen Lianbo' and financial channels. He has conducted long-term and in-depth observations and interviews on vital and pillar industries of the national economy such as energy, automotive, and communications, as well as strategic emerging industries such as the internet and high-tech. He has participated in a series of far-reaching major reports, including 'Direct Hit on Wall Street Storm'.


Weiqi Wang

I am Wang Weiqi, born in Hebei. Graduated from Minzu University of China with a master's degree, majoring in constitutional law and administrative law, and worked in an intellectual property company after graduation.

I joined ZhenFund in 2014, accompanied ZhenFund from a dozen to dozens of people, and witnessed ZhenFund from Beijing to Shanghai and Shenzhen. I have always felt that working at ZhenFund is a very happy thing, with very nice bosses and colleagues. I am currently working as a senior compliance manager in the legal department. In the early days, I did a variety of work for the fund. I have handled hundreds of registered entities, and many of the names of these entities were named by me. The work I'm engaged in ranges from changes in industrial and commercial registration to registration and filing of associations and contract review.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, taking pictures and researching new things.


Fang Dong

Fang Dong is the Board Secretary of ZhenFund, providing daily support to board directors and coordinating administrative activities. As one of the founding members of the firm, Fang has participated in and has witnessed the development and achievement of ZhenFund.

Fang graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2007.


Dan Zhu

Dan Zhu is the CEO Assistant and Admin Director of ZhenFund. 

Prior to ZhenFund, Dan was the Senior Secretary of the Partner of Strategy& in Great China. 

Dandan received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of International Business and Economics and obtained a Master’s degree from Middlesex University.


Miao Zhao

Hi, I'm Zhao Miao, and I'm in charge of talent management at ZhenFund. Before joining ZhenFund, I was in charge of talent management and post-investment empowerment at Hillhouse Capital and China Resources Group, and obtained a bachelor's degree in human resources from Renmin University of China and a master's degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University.

I am very grateful to have met all kinds of outstanding talents during my study and work experience, and the colleagues and entrepreneurs I met at ZhenFund are the most special group of people—smart and humble, enthusiastic and sincere. Everyone Dares to express their own ideas, but is willing to listen and cooperate.

Work WITH Zhen Fund, not simply FOR Zhen Fund. If you are tired of doing things to mend the world, and hope to move the earth according to your inner love, welcome to chat with me (mia.zhao@zhenfund.com). We have prepared a variety of work/cooperation opportunities and exchange activities, hoping to help you discover yourself and realize your dreams. I'd be very happy if I could help you :)


Xiaoyi Zhao

I am Zhao Xiaoyi. I obtained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in law from China University of Political Science and Law and Peking University respectively. After working as a lawyer for four years, I embarked on the road of studying again and obtained a second master's degree in law at New York University.

Before joining ZhenFund, I worked at Jingtian & Gongcheng and Hogan Lovells, and joined ZhenFund at the end of 2016. I am very fortunate to have chosen a career that requires lifelong learning. As the market and policies change, no matter how much experience I have accumulated before, I will always encounter new problems and have new growth. I am grateful to the excellent colleagues and entrepreneurs around me. While providing professional support for everyone, I also have valuable gains.

I look forward to using my professional knowledge and experience to escort more entrepreneurial projects, grow together, and witness a better future together.

In my spare time, I like photography and travel, using lens to condense the beautiful moments in life.


Yiner Pan

I am Pan Yiner, born and raised by the beautiful West Lake. I studied at Zhejiang University for both undergraduate and master degrees. After graduation, I joined KPMG China, focusing on providing financial, taxation and business consulting services to domestic and foreign financial companies, and obtained the qualifications of Chinese Certified Public Accountants and Chinese Certified Tax Agents. I joined ZhenFund in early 2017. I have a strong interest in issues related to finance and taxation, and am willing to research and discuss.

Outside of work, I like to be close to nature and am also an amateur cyclist.



Dongjun Gang

Prior to ZhenFund, Dongjun Gang served as the vice president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, and as a senior reporter for the Hong Kong and Taiwan Department of China News Service and the Hong Kong and Taiwan Edition of China Youth Daily.