ZhenFund has designed different types of events for those who have entrepreneurial aspirations. Whether you are already on the path of entrepreneurship or still have ideas but haven’t yet taken action, we have programs to support you.

If you want to get more information about ZhenFund's series of activities, please follow ZhenFund's official account (id: zhenfund).

If you are a student who has entrepreneurial ideas, wants to understand the market, and has a desire to communicate with ZhenFund or startup companies...
  • Zhenfund offers scholarship for each team to help establish their firs...
    Zhen Summer Grant

    ZhenFund offers scholarships ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 RMB for each team. By the end of the team’s 8-12-week summer venture, working with Zhen Summer Grant, the team will have established its first company, a giant step forward into entrepreneurship.

  • ZhenResidence is designed to help potential entrepreneurs gain insight...

    ZhenResidence has been operating since 2014 as a “Mini Business School” designed to help potential entrepreneurs gain insight into the real world of starting a company in China. To date, ZhenResidence has been held a total of 13 times, helping more than 400 potential entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. A number of start-up projects have been funded by ZhenFund via ZhenResidence. The program, which lasts for 3-5 days, is held in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

  • ZhenCampus launches a series of university startup sharing activities:...

    ZhenFund’s university startup-sharing series, ZhenCampus, provides a unique opportunity for high-potential students and researchers to communicate with founders and investors. Learn from their first-hand experience to gain insights into the real world of startups. It’s a chance to better understand not only the opportunities but also the challenges that founders face.

    If you have any ideas or questions about ZhenCampus and want to communicate with the ZhenFund team, please contact us by sending an email to zhencampus@zhenfund.com.

  • At OfficeHour, ZhenFund investors will chat with you about technology ...

    ZhenFund Office Hour is designed to help students communicate with seasoned investors on topics of entrepreneurship. Just like college office hours, these are not formal lectures but rather a time for relaxed and free communication, an opportunity for you to pick the brains of alumni ZhenFund investors about technology and entrepreneurship. When you sign up for ZhenFund Office Hour, the team will conduct a simple screening before sending attendance method information to participants via WeChat or email. 

If you are a tech entrepreneur, researcher, dream of commercializing and industrializing your scientific and technological achievements...
  • ZhenFund continues to collaborate with innovative, enthusiastic entrepreneurs to...

    ZhenFund continues to collaborate with innovative, enthusiastic entrepreneurs to support a series of generative AI hackathons focusing on the technology industry. Let’s join this AI revolution together! 

    For cooperation, please contact: media@zhenfund.com

  • ZhenPlanet is an incubation project for cutting-edge technology talents.

    ZhenPlanet is an incubation project for cutting-edge technology talents. Jointly sponsored by ZhenFund and MIT Technology Review China, the project aims to identify technological talents with innovative consciousness, business acumen and entrepreneurial passion. Through capital support, resource docking and incubation guidance, ZhenPlanet helps transform technological achievements into commercial products, helping you complete the leap from a seminal idea to product development, and realize their dreams of technological innovation.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur or executive who craves frank and in-depth industry communication and learning...
  • Ostrich Club is a startup club, jointly launched by Hongshan and ZhenFund, to di...
    Ostrich Club

    Ostrich Club is a startup club, jointly launched by Hongshan and ZhenFund, to discover the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Guest speakers include numerous unicorn company founders, core executives and well-known experts in various industries. Members may enjoy lifelong membership, resource sharing and long-term affiliations.

  • ZhenCraft aims to help potential entrepreneurs with senior indu

    ZhenCraft aims to help potential entrepreneurs with senior industry experience as well as early-stage entrepreneurs gain a deeper understanding of industry trends. ZhenCraft offers the opportunity to discover cutting-edge business opportunities and forge like-minded entrepreneurial partnerships. In ZhenCraft, you will hear from leading figures in vertical industry technology sharing, cutting-edge technology and forward-looking insights.  and have in-depth communication and discussions with ZhenFund investors and technology industry partners.