ZhenFund is Looking for "AI Heroes"


At this moment, we all know that profound changes are about to happen in the future. We are about to accelerate into a new era.

Some people say that the launch of ChatGPT is like the Netscape moment of the browser era, while others think that the birth of BlackBerry or iPhone in the mobile internet era is a more appropriate analogy. But regardless of the comparison, we all know that a large number of opportunities are about to emerge irresistibly. What we don't know yet is who will lead these opportunities, and it could be you right now. This is ZhenFund's hero post, and we are looking for founders who are capable of leading the new generation of startups.

Since its establishment, ZhenFund has always been a staunch supporter of new technologies and entrepreneurship. There are people who always say "I am afraid this opportunity belongs to big companies ", but we have seen time and time again that start-ups have repeatedly defeated Goliath giants on different tracks. We have angel investments in Momenta, Nuro, AutoX, Uisee, and Hesai in the autonomous driving industry. In AI large-scale model-related frameworks and applications, we have angel investments in DeepGlint, Intellifusion, YITU, and Luchen. In domestic GPU/ AI chip industry, we have angel investments in MetaX, Enflame, Vastai, and Horizon Robotics. In AI pharmaceutical industry, we have angel investments in XtalPi, Accutar Biotech, and NeoX. In AI vertical industry applications, we have angel investments in Aibee, SYNYI.AI, SmartMore, DataGrand, Reccunrent AI , Craiditx, Sobot, Laiye, Airudder. These companies are called "little giants" by many people today, but as their earliest angel investors, we know and clearly remember that when we met their founders on the first day, those faces were just like you today: full of hope starting from zero, with nothing but unwavering determination, and filled with the courage to say "even if it's just me, I'll still go."

"All-in" has become a somewhat clichéd phrase, but we haven't been able to come up with a better one yet. At a recent internal meeting, ZhenFund's managing partner, Dai Yusen, said, "Going back to the moment when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone, any venture capital fund would have been happy to look at mobile internet projects." And that's exactly how we feel right now. Some people say we are a few days late, and this hero post would have been better five days ago, but we don't think we're too late, because we believe this technological revolution may last for fifty years.

We believe that everyone's life will be changed by artificial intelligence, and everyone has the potential to participate and even drive this change. Whether you're a young genius who isn't afraid of anything, a serial entrepreneur who has been through the ups and downs, an academic scholar who wants to step out of the ivory tower, or an executive who wants to leave your current job and start your own business, we want to talk to you.

If you want to join this AI revolution, please come and tell us. Maybe we can move forward together. This is our special contact email, prompt@zhenfund.com. You can also scan the QR code below and fill out the form with the option "想创业" (want to start a business) or "想加入" (want to join), and we will reply to every email and application within 24 hours.