ZhenFund's Angel Project"Adaps Photonics" completed a C+ round financing of hundreds of millions of yuan

Recently, Adaps Photonics completed a C+ round financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. Founded in 2018, this is the second round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan that Adaps Photonics has received within a year. The investors include Genesis Capital and GGV Capital, among others. Previously, ZhenFund participated in the angel round and subsequent rounds of financing.

Adaps Photonics is dedicated to researching and manufacturing high-performance photonic 3D sensing (dToF) chips using world-leading single-photon detector technology. These chips can be applied to mobile phone 3D modules, lidar, and other high-performance depth sensing systems, helping smart hardware to achieve a leap in 3D perception capabilities. Currently, the company's products have begun mass production and are gradually being introduced into downstream customer products such as automotive, consumer electronics, smart homes, and industry. At the same time, Adaps Photonics is also accelerating its strategic layout in the XR field, deepening its research and development cooperation on dToF chips in consumer electronics, and actively expanding the application of this technology in the XR field.

The new round of financing will help the company further consolidate its technological advantages in the dToF field and expand commercial applications in more scenarios.