ZhenFund's Angel Project "Intellifusion" Successfully Listed on the SSE STAR Market

On April 4th, the artificial intelligence company "Intellifusion" was successfully listed on the SSE STAR Market with stock code 688343. ZhenFund participated in Intellifusion's angel round financing in 2015 and continued to support the company in subsequent rounds.

As a leading domestic AI enterprise, Intellifusion was the first to propose the "1+1+N" self-evolving urban intelligent body practice framework, actively building a self-learning and self-evolving digital city intelligent collaborative development system, and promoting the rapid development of the AI industry.

ZhenFund's founding partner and CEO, Anna Fang, said, "We value the deep industry accumulation and technological reserves of the founding team led by Chen Ning in the field of visual intelligence. ZhenFund will always uphold the investment strategy of "tech angel" to help more Chinese entrepreneurs create more socially valuable technological innovations." We believe that in the future, more entrepreneurs with technology innovation dreams will resonate with ZhenFund, and more innovative technology companies with warmth will accompany ZhenFund along the way.

“On July 12, 2015, I met Dr. Chen Ning for the first time at Mr. Xu Xiaoping's house and talked with him for an hour. I deeply felt the team's vision and potential, and after discussing with Mr. Xu and Anna, we made the investment decision on the spot. Although the AI field was not very hot at that time and there were already several large AI-related companies, Dr. Chen Ning's rich experience in AI and chip design, in-depth thinking on the combination of AI technology and cloud computing, and differentiated competitive strategy made us believe that Intellifusion would achieve something in the AI field. In the early days of a startup company, believing in the most promising founders is the investment philosophy that ZhenFund has always adhered to.

Over the past eight years, Intellifusion has gone from an angel round startup company to the stage of the SSE STAR Market. Congratulations to Dr. Chen Ning and Horizon Robotics! We look forward to Intellifusion achieving more successes in the journey of empowering all industries with AI!”

——Li Jianwei,Former ZhenFund investor and current founder and partner of Zhencheng Investment

Accompanying from the angel round

Looking forward to partnering with more tech innovation companies with warmth

ZhenFund participated in the angel round financing of Intellifusion in September 2015 and continued to support it in subsequent rounds.

At the beginning of the startup, even though the business model was not yet mature, the Intellifusion team had already started to think about how to use artificial intelligence for good. They hoped to create a warm industry chain through AI technology and build a technology company with warmth and thought.

ZhenFund has had the privilege of accompanying and witnessing Intellifusion achieve its entrepreneurial vision through technological innovation driven by AI algorithms. They have successfully translated their initial aspirations into a series of benchmark AI solutions in digital cities and human living, bringing safe, intelligent, and convenient AI experiences to various industries. Congratulations again to Intellifusion for their achievements, and cheers to the determination and courage of Chinese entrepreneurs to deepen their involvement in the field of artificial intelligence!