When AI Can Write Games, When We Can Talk to All Large Models at the Same Time

Turning on the computer every day, looking at the dazzling new information and new things emerging one after another, one can't help but marvel at the rapid technological change in the field of AI.

In this issue, ZhenFund investment team sorted out the interesting and practical AI tools that appeared or were updated in the past two weeks, summarized the representative new actions of several large companies, and brought the 5 most popular articles in February Intensive reading and sharing of academic papers in the field of AI.

AI Viewpoint

The Waluigi Effect|LLM's "Reverse Psychology"

Waluigi is the mushroom head in the Super Mario game , representing the reactionary forces, so why did LLM ( Large Language Model ) become the "big villain"? This may be related to RLHF ( Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback: Reinforcement Learning for Language Models Based on Human Feedback )