14 ZhenFund Invested Entrepreneurs Selected as 36Kr "2023 Science and Technology Entrepreneurs"

There is naturally a huge difference between scientific research and business, and making achievements in the two fields is not a one-day effort. But there are always some brave people who choose to take a leap to challenge the gap under the grand vision.

Recently, 36 Kr released the "2023 Science and Technology Innovators" list. After two months of research, it found a group of science and technology creators who are willing to stay in the arena and try to bridge the gap. Their entrepreneurial process has made everyone believe that there are infinite possibilities for scientific research to lead to business.

As a "Technology Angel" investment institution, ZhenFund has a total of 14 founders of invested companies honored on the list:

Cao Xudong, CEO of Momenta

Chen Hang, former co-founder and CEO of NEOX

Jia Jiaya, Founder and Chairman of SmartMore

Zhao Yong, Chairman and CEO of DeepGlint

Li Yifan, Co-founder and CEO of HESAI Technology

Tan Yan, co-founder and CEO of Xbiome

Tan Zhangxi, Founder and CEO of RiVAI Technology

Wang Shiquan, Founder and CEO of Flexiv

Zhang Zhiqian, Founder and CEO of Tidetron

Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics

Xu Ningyi, Founder and CEO of HUIXI

Wang Yu, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Seetrum

Yang Yiming, founder and CEO of Moying Robotics

Yao Song, co-founder and co-CEO of OrienSpace

The results of this survey and selection are based on a set of evaluation systems established by 36Kr that pays equal attention to scientific research and entrepreneurship——

In the scientific research part, in addition to the direction of basic innovation, academic level, and higher education institutions, we also focus on the quantitative evaluation of candidates in terms of papers (number and level of published journals, number of citations), patents (number and level), and refer to the opinion of each recommender on the candidate.

The entrepreneurial part is about the company's business model, employee situation (total number of employees and proportion of R&D personnel), financial situation (whether profitable, revenue level), financing level (financing institution type, financing stage, financing volume and valuation level) and other dimensions to conduct quantitative evaluations, and finally found these noteworthy science and technology entrepreneurs on the list.

From an academic point of view, all of them have obtained doctorates (or equivalent research experience) and above academic achievements in various professional fields. Their average publications were 41.33 papers and 39.64 patents. 58% of them have studied in the top 20 universities in the world, including Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University and so on.

From the perspective of entrepreneurship, 40% of the companies they founded have been established for more than 5 years, and R&D personnel account for more than 62%. There are 47 companies in the B round and later stages, and 64 companies with a valuation of more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, the early companies before the B round have solved bottleneck technology to varying degrees.

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The process of finding the best position for scientists to start a business is actually a process of self-awareness and self-breakthrough, which requires more patience, support and companionship.

As an angel investment institution, ZhenFund's investment philosophy is to find the best people in various fields. Since 2011, ZhenFund has long been committed to supporting young and outstanding entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of innovation and entrepreneurship. For more than ten years, it has invested in hundreds of start-up companies in various industries, and has worked with entrepreneurs to build a foundation from zero to one. , has witnessed and accompanied a large number of excellent enterprises in the process from green to mature.

At the same time, we also adhere to the positioning of "Technology Angel", and make in-depth deployments in the fields of technological innovation, high-end manufacturing, biomedicine, new consumption, and carbon neutrality at the earliest stage.

In the future, we look forward to more entrepreneurs with dreams of technological innovation resonating with us and walking with us.