ZhenFund’s Angel Project "Mogic" Secured Ten Millions of USD in Series A Funding

Hangzhou Mogic AI Technology Co., Ltd. ("Mogic AI") recently has announced the completion of ten millions of USD in Series A funding, Cathay Capital is the leading institutional investor, with follow-on investments from Zhen Fund.


Mogic AI is an intelligent creative marketing platform built through leading technological capabilities, committed to reshaping the future of digital marketing with technology and creativity. Taking data product capabilities as the core to achieve the integration and efficiency improvement of media and creativity, providing digital marketing solutions for brands, helping brands improve the effectiveness of digital assets and achieve high-quality and efficient growth.


Mogic AI achieved substantial revenue growth in 2022, generating tens of millions in total sales. For 2023, they have already secured over 3 times as much in new customer contracts compared to last year, projecting to surpass 100 million RMB (around $14.5 million USD) in total revenue as demand for their products continues expanding rapidly.