ZhenFund’s Angel Project "JH Cispoly" Completed Hundreds of Millions of Yuan in Series B Financing

JH Cispoly recently announced the successful completion of the B round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. Previously, ZhenFund had exclusively led the angel round financing of JH Cispoly in 2020.

JH Cispoly is a high-tech enterprise to innovates biotechnology and pays attention to women’s health. It is also committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the early diagnosis of gynecological tumors. With exclusive technology and patent-protected markers as the core, JH has developed early diagnosis products for cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, vaginal microecological examination system, and other gynecological tumors. It is hoped that it will fill the gap in this field and benefit women in China and worldwide.

This round of financing will enable JH Cispoly to have greater space to spread its wings in the global market, enrich its product line, and further explore the potential of its technology in the field of public health care and consumer healthcare.