Warmly Celebrate the Successful Holding of The 13th ZhenResidence

In early July, ZhenFund's 13th ZhenResidence held successfully in Shanghai.

ZhenResidence has been operating since 2014 as a “Mini Business School” designed to help potential entrepreneurs gain insight into the real world of starting a company in China. To date, ZhenResidence has been held a total of 13 times, helping more than 400 potential entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. A number of start-up projects have been funded by ZhenFund via ZhenResidence.

Following the recruitment campaign launched in March, we were delighted to receive over 450 high-quality applications from global participants, marking a new record in attendance. Out of the pool, 25 outstanding applicants from diverse backgrounds and industries stood out to participate in the current season of ZhenResidence.

At the opening ceremony, ZhenFund's partner Emma Yin and investment manager Meng Yuan delivered welcoming speeches to the participants. Emma Yin, who has witnessed the entire evolution of ZhenResidence since its first session, shared the genuine intention behind ZhenFund's continuous support of the ZhenResidence initiative.

Following the ice-breaking ceremony, the Co-founder of ZhenFund Victor Qiang Wang delivered an inspirational speech, asserting that entrepreneurship is one of the most exhilarating pursuits in life. He emphasized that while anyone can venture into entrepreneurship, it takes courage to do so. Victor Qiang Wang shared his experiences and insights from co-founding New Oriental and ZhenFund, engaging with participants on the essential qualities and spirit of entrepreneurship.

The ZhenSeminar featured several founders from ZhenFund portfolio companies, sharing practical insights gained from their real-world experiences. The content was both substantial and grounded.

Additionally, seasoned experts with rich operational experience were invited to provide on-site lectures, covering essential entrepreneurial skills in areas such as finance compliance, equity structure, team building, and financing strategies.

During the ZhenVisit, participants collectively visited ZhenFund portfolio companies in Shanghai. Beyond immersing themselves in the authentic working environments of entrepreneurial firms, participants explored flagship stores of ZhenFund portfolio companies, discussing present and future trends in the consumer industry.

During this season of ZhenResidence, a dedicated session was introduced for participants to share their entrepreneurial insights, enhancing their essential skills through face-to-face discussions with investors and taking the courageous first step into the entrepreneurial journey.

Following the successful conclusion of the event, the 25 newly-inducted residents officially joined the ZhenResidence family. That evening, a reunion party welcomed past participants from the previous 12 rounds. Dozens of active entrepreneurs engaged in collaborative exchanges, fostering a network of shared experiences.

ZhenFund aspires to be a companion and guardian for every valuable entrepreneur, offering assistance on the challenging path of entrepreneurship.