ZhenFund's Angel Project "Mogic AI" Announced Completion of $15 Million Series A+ Financing

Mogic AI announced the successful completion of a $15 million Series A+ funding round, marking another milestone in the company's journey. ZhenFund had previously invested in Mogic AI during the angel round in 2021 and has continued to show confidence by participating in subsequent rounds of funding.

Mogic AI specializes in AI-native marketing solutions. Leveraging its innovative SaGa video content generation model and Mogic Content AI Studio (CAS) full-link marketing platform, the company has seen remarkable success, with annual contract values nearing 100 million yuan in 2023. Among its clientele are renowned international brands such as PepsiCo Group and China Resources Group, along with various leading e-commerce platforms.

The proceeds from this financing round will primarily fuel investments in AI model and product research and development, further enhancing Mogic AI's technological capabilities and market competitiveness.