We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build successful companies by providing them with mentorship and the best resources available.

ZhenFund Events

  • Ostrich Club

    ZhenFund and Sequoia China jointly launched the exclusive Ostrich Club in 2019 to attract and cultivate the new generation of technology business leaders in China into our ecosystem of future entrepreneurs.

    The founders of ZhenFund and Sequoia China, namely Bob Xu, Victor Wang and Neil Shen, are the resident mentors for the Ostrich Club. Victor Wang serves as its Chairman and leads each session.

    Ostrich Club is an open application for experienced executives of leading companies with a passion for starting their own businesses. Ostrich Club has three principles: free, no equity taken, and ultimate membership privacy.

    Ostrich Club holds two programs a year, with each program spanning six weekends. People who have completed the program will become lifetime members of the Ostrich Club; they also gain access to all of the supporting resources offered by both Sequoia China and ZhenFund.

    To join the Ostrich Club: send a self-introduction of 140 words or less to the Ostrich Club mailbox: welcome@tuoniaohui2018.com

  • ZhenCraft

    ZhenCraft is a theme based monthly accelerator designed for entrepreneurs who have just started their startup journey. Themes include education + AI, third/fourth tier underserved market opportunities in China, and D2C brands. The monthly format varies from an afternoon expert panel to a cross-border one week trip to study new markets. Entrepreneurs in our program learn from event speakers about the industry, as well as from each other.

  • ZhenResidence

    ZhenFund is aware of the challenges startups often face when starting their businesses; ZhenResidence is designed to help potential entrepreneurs gain insight into the real world of starting a company in China by taking them to visit 2 fast growing companies per day and listening to the CEOs share their startup experience.

    Led by Victor Wang, the co-founder of ZhenFund, members of ZhenResidence will visit ZhenFund’s portfolio companies to learn start-up strategies from these pioneering entrepreneurs, appreciate their inspiration, vision, personal choice, as well as their stories on the way of their start-up journeys.

    As a “Mini Business School” of ZhenFund, ZhenResidence is held twice a year during the summer and the winter, with each program lasting about one week. As of today, ZhenResidence has been held a total of 11 times in six years, helping more than 300 potential entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.

    A number of start-up projects have been funded by ZhenFund via ZhenResidence .

  • ZhenWheels

    ZhenWheels is a platform for selecting students who are passionate about entrepreneurship to interact with ZhenFund’s investment team and entrepreneurs. By sharing our knowledge of startup experiences and internet ideas through ZhenWheels campus events, we hope to build an early relationship with passionate students and help them find their way to working at startups or starting their own companies.

    Through ZhenWheels, we have visited multiple esteemed universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Stanford University, Harvard University, and MIT, and have held events such as ZhenFund PKU Open Day and Product Manager Day.

Portfolio Service Events

  • ZhenMasters

    ZhenMasters is a speaker series where ZhenFund invites renowned business leaders from all industries to talk with ZhenFund’s portfolio CEOs.

    Past speakers include: Neil Shen (Global Steward of Sequoia), Allen Zhu (Managing Director of GSR Ventures), Kathy Xu (Founder of Capital Today), Yahui Zhou (Founder of Kunlun), Gang Wang (Angel Investor of Didi), Bangxin Zhang (Founder of TAL Group), Fan Bao (Founder of China Renaissance), and more. As speakers, they share industry insights, provide strategic advice, and offer development guidance to inspire CEOs of ZhenFund’s portfolio companies.

  • ZhenTalk

    ZhenTalk is one of the most important portfolio service events offered by ZhenFund. We regularly invite experienced experts in specific fields to conduct face-to-face training with team members of ZhenFund portfolio companies. These fields include branding, HR, finance, and legal, among others.

    ZhenTalk not only helps entrepreneurs solve the many problems a start-up would face, but it also serves as a platform for interaction between company team members and field experts.

  • Demo Day

    Demo Day is an recurring event to help ZhenFund portfolio companies showcase their progress and raise next round funding.

    Every 6 months, ZhenFund invites 20-30 recently invested in portfolio companies for a 4 minute pitch in front of senior investors from more than 80 prestigious venture funds. Demo Day has been successfully held 7 times so far, and has helped more than 60 companies complete their next round of funding.

  • Pitch Day

    Pitch Day is a monthly held event. We select 20-30 startup teams from ZhenFund Dream Center (dream@zhenfund.com) where we receive business plans; we then invite them to meet members of our investment team to pitch their business ideas during a “240 second dream pitch”.

    Several ZhenFund star portfolios such as Zhaogang, 51Talk, and Talent Cloud were discovered through this event.

  • ZhenBridge

    ZhenBridge is an overseas study tour for ZhenFund’s portfolio company founders, led by ZhenFund’s senior investment team.

    By learning from world-leading corporations through ZhenBridge, founders can broaden their vision and promote exchanges between domestic and foreign startups.

    ZhenBridge has hosted a series of study trips including a Los Angeles Entertainment and Content Tour, a Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Tour, a Japanese 2B Service Tour, and two Souheast Asia market overview study trips.

  • ZhenBreakfast

    ZhenBreakfast is a regularly organized event for founders and CEOs of portfolio companies. Each ZhenBreakfast has a different theme, and gathers 8 founders and CEOs who are either facing similar problems or come from related industries. Together with Bob Xu, the founder of ZhenFund, these founders and CEOs can share their views and solve various problems encountered by their companies while enjoying breakfast together.

    ZhenBreakfast helps entrepreneurs solve difficult problems through effective communication, and has received constant high praise from participated entrepreneurs.